Mad Men’s Peggy Gone For Good? Say It Ain’t So!

Elisabeth Moss Leaving Mad MenIf Don had kissed your feet instead, Peggy, would you have stuck around?

Mad Men viewers no doubt noticed the recently resigned copywriter’s absence from the most recent episode, “Commissions and Fees.” Now Jared Harris — whose own character, Lane, recently and eternally checked out of the firm he helped found — is telling The Daily that Elisabeth Moss’ powerful performance in the previous week’s episode was also her last with the show.

Before you drown your sorrows in a stiff Scotch, there are a few things to take into consideration. It’s likely that Moss’ exit took place when it did to facilitate the actress’ participation in other projects, like the BBC miniseries, Top of the Lake.

Even if there were no real-world scheduling issues at hand, it would make no sense for creator Matthew Weiner to ditch Ms. Olsen now. In terms of plot, Peggy and Don are Mad Men’s two guiding lights. There are good arguments that the show is as much about her journey as it is his, and that it wouldn’t be the powerhouse it is if either of them jetted off.

But on the off chance that Harris isn’t mistaken and Weiner has done the unthinkable, what do you think of a Mad Men permanently without Peggy? Would you watch? Weigh in below!

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