Parenthood Scoop: Jason Ritter Will Return in Season 4... But For How Long?

It was the question on everyone’s mind following the Parenthood finale: Would recurring star Jason Ritter — who at the time had a new pilot in the works with exec producer Jason Katims — return for Season 4 of the drama? It seemed inevitable, given the way his character, Mark, proposed to Lauren Graham‘s Sarah when last we saw them, but he and the Powers That Be had yet to confirm his involvement next year… until now.

“As far as I understand, they want to keep me around, and we’ll do as many episodes with me as we can all do,” Ritter told TVLine at last weekend’s inaugural ATX Television Festival in Austin.

However, the actor will not be elevated to a full-time series regular, something he and the show initially discussed. “There are so many regulars that I think that they would probably drop people before they’d add people,” he explained — a fact that is actually OK by Ritter. Well, kinda.

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“Basically, when you’re a recurring character, other jobs can come along,” he shared. “But it’s tough when you’re a recurring character on Parenthood, because nothing else looks as enticing… I do get the sense that they want to use me quite a bit next season, though.”

While Ritter was still in the dark as to how Sarah will respond to Mark’s proposal in Season 4, he did offer that “it’s safe to say that she doesn’t just flat out say, ‘No, I never want to see you again.’ I think she’ll either say ‘yes,’ or she’ll be concerned about some of the issues we haven’t dealt with yet.”

Like their differing desires on the show’s titular topic, perhaps? “I would imagine that would come up again, just because it’s such a big thing to talk about,” he mused.

All that said, Ritter is thrilled to be sticking around for the ride. “The great thing about Jason Katims and that whole writing staff is no matter what I imagine my dream is [for Mark], they always think of something better and more beautiful.”

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