What to Watch: The TVLine-Up for Friday

On TV this Friday: The A.N.T. Farm opens back up as Magic City closes its doors, NBC’s Best Friends return for a final hurrah and Bones digs up a fun blast from the past. We’ve found nine programs to keep on your radar.

8 pm A.N.T. Farm (Disney) | Double-episode Season 2 premiere: Chyna, Olive and Fletcher roll out the red carpet for teen movie sensation Sequoia Jones (played by Shake It Up‘s Zendaya), who is shadowing Chyna for a movie role; the A.N.T.s try to figure out the nature of a baby’s prodigal aptitude.

8 pm Best Friends Forever (NBC) | Series finale: Hey, it’s the final two unaired episodes!

8 pm National History Bee (History) | Al Roker hosts the final rounds of this first-ever tournament. (Unreliable sources tell me that in a blatant grab for ratings, History has arranged for all contestants to be descendants of either the Hatfields or McCoys.)

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9 pm Whale Wars (Animal Planet) | Season 5 premiere: After seven years, the Sea Shepherds believe they have finally driven the Japanese whaling fleet from the Southern Ocean forever. But now, the Japanese government has committed some $30 million to this year’s hunt with additional security against the Sea Shepherds. (A four-season recap special precedes this at 8 pm.)

9 pm The Ultimate Fighter (FX) | The Season 15 champion is crowned.

9 pm Bones (Fox) | In this encore of the Season 7 premiere, Brennan and Booth adjust to their new roles as an expectant couple and deal with the forthcoming changes in their home life.

9 pm Fairly Legal (USA Network) | When Kate and Ben travel to Lake Tahoe to settle a jurisdictional dispute, it seems like a glamorous getaway – until a long-unsolved murder proves to be at the heart of the matter; Lauren helps Justin with an unwinnable case that could derail his run for District Attorney.

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10 pm Magic City (Starz) | Season finale: In “Time and Tide,” Judi Silver falls into Klein’s hands, Victor and Mercedes get bad news, Lily and Stevie’s affair gets more dangerous and Ike’s future appears uncertain as he juggles family, Ben Diamond and a new partner. (Yep, already renewed!)

10 pm Goldfathers (NatGeo) | In the season finale, one team watches their profits crash to the ground while another’s pursuit of a possible gold find is waylaid by a mishap in the woods.

Which of the above is must-see for you? Also, hit Comments to offer your own tune-in suggestions.

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