Idology: Was Season 11 Idol's Best Ever? Plus: Phillip's Exact Winning Moment Analyzed! And Jessica's Wild Kingdom Hijinks Relived!

Whether or not you were rooting for a Phillip Phillips victory, there were plenty of reasons to celebrate when the confetti began to fall at the end of American Idol‘s eleventh season.

On this week’s two-part episode of Idology, Season 6 standout Melinda Doolittle and I discuss why the latest chapter in Idol history turned out to be so stellar, offer an in-depth analysis of when exactly Phillip sewed up the win, and examine how the Idol Machine played a part in thwarting Jessica Sanchez’s attempts to become Idol‘s first female winner since Jordin Sparks.

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Plus, we try to make sense of Phillip’s occasionally “atonal” style, recap Jennifer Lopez’s most annoying critique in 2012, rail against the inappropriate lyrics of Jessica’s debut single, and relive the highs and lows of the Season 11 finale: The catsuits! The sloth! The decreased focus on idiots! The phone-book song! And the moment Jennifer Holliday tried to devour Jessica Sanchez’s face!

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And finally, Melinda and I offer two concrete ways Uncle Nigel can ensure Season 12 is even better than the one that came before it. Spoiler alert: One way might obliterate Ryan Seacrest’s ability to trumpet “world record” voting tallies. (Oh well!)

So press play below for a two-part Idology finale filled with crazy pop-culture clips (hi, Sherlock!), a little bit of salty language, and a possible threat to the planet’s most vulnerable children.

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