New Spoiler Alert!: Revenge Death(s)! Smash Bloodbath! Grey’s Anatomy's Sad Farewell!

Look, I’m not gonna say that they’re should be a special Emmy category for Best One-Liner in an Episode of Spoiler Alert!, but there should be, and Parks and RecreationsRetta should win it, no contest.

In this week’s edition, Matt Mitovich and my by-now-almost-regular cohort blurts out, and I paraphrase, “Don’t even [think about auditioning for that series] if you’re not willing to show the opening of your urethra.”

I’ll let you watch the clip below to find out to which of our obsessions she’s referring, as well as get our takes on the Smash bloodbath, the deadly Revenge cliffhanger(s), the Grim Reaper’s guest gig on Grey’s Anatomy and, in a special Q&A, Scott Porter’s thoughts on Hart of Dixie’s currently-unfair George-vs.-Wade fight.

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