Grimm Bosses Answer Burning Finale Qs and (Lightly) Spoil a 'Bigger and Badder' Season 2!

Grimm Season 1 Finale -- Woman in Black Grimm‘s season finale left fans of the freshman spookfest with more than chills — it left them with plenty of burning questions, too: Can Juliette be saved? Where did Adalind go? What’s the story with Captain Renard? And most of all, is the Woman in Black really Nick’s mom?

In the following Q&A, showrunners David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf — who are already hard at work on Season 2 — weigh in on the finale’s mother of a twist, talk about their “critter inspiration” and promise that ultimately your questions will be answered.

TVLINE | That was quite a cliffhanger! Will Season 2 pick right up after the big reveal, or will there be a time jump?
JIM KOUF | Moments later! We’re picking it up right from that scene.

TVLINE | Did you always intend for Nick’s mom to be alive? Or did the identity of the Woman in Black evolve throughout the course of the season?
KOUF | That was something we talked about when we were doing the pilot, before we even had a series. It was one of the first things we came up with.

TVLINE | With Akira Kimura dead and his mother alive, what is Nick’s next step?
DAVID GREENWALT | He’ll have to be dealing with his mother, Juliette, Hank and all kinds of people and things. There will be bigger and badder enemies coming for him, and everything will be sort of on a larger scale.
KOUF | As you saw in the finale, his life is becoming a little more unraveled by all of this, and it’s going to continue to do so in the first few episodes of Season 2 — he’s going to be forced to deal with some more issues.

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TVLINE | One of his biggest issues was ‘fessing up to Juliette. Do you think she believed Nick at all?
GREENWALT | We knew he had to come clean this season because it was putting too much pressure on their relationship and making her think she was crazy or that he was having an affair. But the way that scene [in the trailer] wrote out was that… the more you tell it, the more ridiculous it sounds. It did scare the hell out of her; it’s frightening to see the one you love apparently coming unraveled.
KOUF | No matter what you do, I don’t think there’s any way you can tell that story without seeming like you’re nuts! [Laughs] But as the audience knows, all he was really doing was telling her the truth!

TVLINE | She may never know, now that she’s under that spell! Is it safe to say she won’t die before Season 2?
GREENWALT | She’s in a weird zone, and you’ll have to stay tuned to find out exactly what the weirdness is. It definitely had a big effect on her life and psyche, but we also can’t assume anything about Juliette. Anything can happen!

TVLINE | Rosalee was working against the clock in the finale. Will she be featured more prominently next season?
KOUF | Oh yeah! She’s going to have a larger role, and she’s going to have something pretty horrendous happen to her!

TVLINE | What about Hank? Should we be worried about his sanity?
KOUF | Yes. [Laughs] It is going to get worse for Hank before it gets better.

TVLINE | Hank has had it the worst, especially with Adalind. Is she done causing trouble?
KOUF | Well, right now she’s run away, so we don’t want to reveal whether she’s coming back or not.

TVLINE | The true “big bad” of Grimm is seemingly the Captain. What’s his story?
GREENWALT | The Captain is many things to many people, and next season, much more will be revealed, and early on! We’re going to reveal a lot more about him right away.

TVLINE | What’s next season looking like? More of Nick’s life or more procedural-focused?
GREENWALT | Both. It will still be a procedural that you can watch without knowing nothing about nothing — except that it’s that cool show where they solve crimes and people turn into critters. [Laughs] But if you’re a hardcore fan — or even a softcore fan — there will be plenty of mythology to keep you interested and keep you watching and locked in. While there will be focus on Nick’s life, there will be some new and evermore frightening creatures — as well as a list of returnees.

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