Girls Exclusive: Donald Glover Is Playing [Spoiler]

Donald Glover GirlsEver since photos leaked of Girls auteur Lena Dunham shooting scenes for Season 2 of the HBO phenom with Community cut-up Donald Glover, the Internet’s been abuzz. Who’s he playing? What’s the story? Why isn’t anyone telling us anything? For answers, TVLine turns to the show’s creator-writer-director-star.

“I like to act like we’re making Lost, and the show is full of incredible spoilers,” she tells us with a laugh. “Even though the show [from week to week] is just a slight shift in people’s emotional landscapes, I like to act like we’re protecting state secrets.

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“So we really want Season 2 to be a surprise to viewers,” she continues, “because there’s a lot of fun stuff planned, a lot of fun guest stars. I really think with Season 2, we sort of hit new heights of delirium and of fantastically lewd behavior.”

In other words, what Dunham is trying hard not to reveal is that Glover will be playing an android. Obviously!

Yes, she jokes. “We’re entering sort of Battlestar Galactica territory, and he’s going to be the ship captain.”

So who do you think Glover will be playing? Who do you hope he’ll be playing? Theories below.

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