Community Finale Exclusive: Jeff and Britta Get Their Goth On While Rescuing [Spoiler]!

The Greendale Gang will go to great lengths to save their (newly) beloved Dean Pelton from “King” Chang in the first half of this Thursday’s hour-long Community season finale (airing 9/8c on NBC), and we’ve got an exclusive first look at the heist-filled — and hilariously adorned — episode.

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Press PLAY below to watch Jeff and Britta (in disguise as fictional “rock ‘n’ roll magician” Ricky Nightshade and his trusty assistant, respectively) distract Chang, while an undercover Troy attempts to rescue the Human Beings’ bald-headed leader.

And, Dean’t forget: The Community finale takes place during the entire 9 o’clock hour, with the first of three all-new episodes kicking off the night at 8 pm.

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