Gossip Girl Preview: Kelly Rutherford on Lily's Dark Side, Bart's Return and Her Marriage Woes

They say mother knows best, but on Gossip Girl, she knows next to nothing! First, Lily was duped by imposter Ivy, and now she’s in for an even bigger surprise: In tonight’s season finale (The CW, 8/7c), she’ll find out that her presumed-dead husband, Bart Bass, is actually alive and well!

Below, Kelly Rutherford previews the shocks that are in store for Lily, what they mean for her marriage to Rufus and how she’ll step up for her kids, daughter Serena and stepson Chuck.

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TVLINE | How does Monday’s episode compare with the show’s past finales?
It’s one of our most exciting. The characters all have such big choices to make. In other finales, it may have been a couple characters here and there. But it’s like everyone is dealing with something in this finale. [Laughs] It makes it quite exciting and, obviously, really fun to act. … It will be interesting to see the trajectory of the characters [going forward], given the finale. They’ve set it up really beautifully for a sixth season, for sure.

TVLINE | Lily has taken a bit of a dark turn in the past couple of episodes. Is that going to continue?
I don’t think so. She’s just been dealing with a lot. Her mother passed, and she’s been dealing with that. Her sister has been totally fraudulent. And Ivy was not who she thought she was, and she’s having relationship problems. [Laughs] Toward the end of the season, Lily reached a point where she was wondering who to trust and who was on Team Lily. Even Rufus was siding with Ivy, and that was shocking. [But] I don’t think she’ll stay in that place forever.

TVLINE | Surprise, surprise – Bart is alive! How is Lily going to handle this news?
Oh my God! With a lot of different emotions, obviously, and especially given where her relationship with Rufus is. It’s just in such an odd place, and there’s a lot to deal with [in regards to Bart]. Legally, are they still married? The shock of him being back and probably the frustration of the fact that he never told her [will probably come first]. I mean, why didn’t he tell her all this time?

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Gossip GirlTVLINE | What does this mean for Rufus and Lily’s marriage?
There are going to have to be some choices made here about what direction to go. Is Rufus on her side? Are they going to move forward or not?

TVLINE | They seem to have grown apart this season. Do you think this is a marriage that can be saved?
Oh gosh. Yeah, I do think it could be saved. They have a lot to save. They have to decide if they’re willing to do that.

TVLINE | They were the happy, stable couple last season. Did you enjoy this shake-up in their dynamic?
Yeah. Obviously, it keeps things exciting, and I don’t think anyone’s relationship stays the same forever. When you go through challenging times, it challenges your relationship. So it was fun having both – fun to have that stability and, at the same time, it’s been fun to deal with the reality that people don’t always agree and get along.

TVLINE | With Bart coming back, does that mean we might see some Lily and Chuck scenes in the finale?
Yes, you will. They’re going to be related to Chuck and Bart. But yeah, there are a couple little scenes with Lily and Chuck. There’ll probably be more in the future, given what’s going on. … Lily is very protective of Charles and has been incredibly supportive of him and understanding of what he deals with in his life. So it will be interesting to see what happens with Bart and Lily and how they react to each other and then how that affects her relationship with Charles.

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Gossip Girl TVLINE | How is the relationship with Ivy going to evolve? Is there any chance for redemption in the finale?
Lily’s had to deal with her on a business level just to keep things positive in her life. So it’ll be interesting to see whether they get close again or they don’t. With Rufus siding with her, it doesn’t help. The more Ivy’s around, the more problems Rufus and Lily have.

TVLINE | There’s a debate about which of the younger couples mirrors Rufus and Lily’s story: Dan and Serena or Dan and Blair? What do you think?
Blair is very much Upper East Side. Serena can kind of go [either way]. She can go to Brooklyn, but she’s also very Upper East Side. But Serena and Dan have this history… Their dynamic was very different. Dan and Blair really have more fire right now. Right now, Serena’s trying to find out whether she wants to take some steps back and go into the past or move forward. And Dan and Blair have an interesting dynamic because they’re not really supposed to be together, and that keeps it exciting for both of them.

TVLINE | Speaking of Serena, she’s dealing with Gossip Girl. She’s dealing with her feelings for Dan. Where does Lily fit into this?
They have a nice scene together. I don’t think Lily directly tells her what she should do. But she subtly gives her opinion of what she thinks she should do.