What to Watch: 5 Web Series Worth Checking Out

This week on the web, House alum Olivia Wilde speaks Gaelic (or does she?), The Master Cleanse is taken to the cleaners, Diablo Cody pulls a lot of interesting stories out of Up in the Air writer/director Jason Reitman, and a Parks and Recreation scene-stealer makes a fan-tastic cameo.

7 Minutes In Heaven | With Olivia Wilde in tow, Mike O’Brien is in top comedic form in a new segment dubbed “Tell Us About A Couple Fight You Had.”

Red Band Trailer | Diablo Cody chews the fat with auteur Jason Reitman. Learn why he was embarrassed by his childhood zip code, started college as pre-med, and sports what he calls “kind of a tattoo.”

PBS’s Off Book | This show continues to impress by packing in a lot of information and inspiration around an artsy topic. This time, we are introduced to the wacky, yet wonderful world of fan art. Don’t miss the quick glimpse of Ron Swanson fan art at 5:46.

Reluctantly Healthy | It’s about time that someone in Los Angeles is brave enough to take a stand against the master cleanse.

Reggie Makes Music | A companion web series to the upcoming IFC series Comedy Bang! Bang!, this 2 minute diddy contains key elements that set web shows apart from broadcast television — namely Mad Men’s Jon Hamm freestyle rapping about the 1970s TV show Taxi.

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What are your faves? Comment away below, and feel free to offer your own recommendations!