Scoop: Cougar Town's Ian Gomez to Con a Diva

The con will be on when Cougar Town‘s Ian Gomez visits Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva this summer.

TVLine has learned that in the eighth episode of DDD Season 4 (premiering June 3), Gomez will guest-star as Warren Patton, a wheelchair-using con man who is suing Harrison & Parker’s newest client for a cool $1 million after being hit in a crosswalk by the defendant’s gourmet food truck. (Was it a blintz-and-run?)

Being a bit of a legal eagle-slash-lizard, Warren argues his own the case and in doing so proves to be both crafty and manipulative.

Gomez is but the latest Cougar Town cast member to line up an extracurricular gig during the ABC comedy’s recently resolved “bubble status” period. Most recently, Josh Hopkins booked a gig on the soon-to-bow TBS comedy Men at Work.

Cougar Town, however, has been renewed for another season, to premiere on no, not ABC but TBS, in early 2013.