Game Over Too Soon For Renly? Is Once Plane Crazy for Lost? Mad About Megan? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries about Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Smash, NCIS , Revenge and other shows!

1 | Before we get started here: Is everyone out of tech now? We’d hate to stress you out.

2 | How about the look that Fringe‘s Bolivia shot Lincoln Lee? Glad we got to see the badass blush before the intra-universe bridge closed. And surely that incredible Walter/Walternate scene will get John Noble the Emmy love he deserves, right?!

3 | Raise your hand if you weren’t quite ready for the death of Game of Thrones‘ supercute King Renly, especially at the hands of Lost‘s Smoke Monster?

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4 | How risky was it for The Good Wife producers to let the audience hear the deep, distinctive voice of Kalinda’s husband before actually casting the role? What happens if they hire Pee-wee Herman?

5 | Were you surprised that Once Upon a Time‘s Pinocchio/whale special effects were as good as they were? And did you catch the Oceanic Airlines plane that roared over young Pinocchio’s head after his trip through the wardrobe?

Mad Men Jessica Pare| Does Matthew Weiner really think the Megan character is interesting/fascinating/complicated enough to justify all the screen time she’s stealing away from Peggy and Joan?

| Did we hear it wrong or did How I Met Your Mother‘s Barney say that Quinn makes $500,000 per year stripping?

| 2 Broke Girls‘ idea of the New York City subway system is skewed, right? Making people jump over a large gap underground after evacuating a car? Not gonna happen. Also, maybe they should have invested in a cooler for those cupcakes?

| Was there a sweeter, more quietly romantic admission of love anywhere on TV this season than the one Gossip Girl‘s Dan offered to Blair this week? And while we’re always up for a good scheme-filled episode, does anyone actually understand what the heck is going on between Diana, Jack, Bart (?!), Chuck, Nate, Lola and Serena?

10 | Bones‘ Emily Deschanel: Prettier than ever since becoming a momma?

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11 | Now that Smash‘s Derek has bedded both Ivy and Rebecca, there’s really no way anyone can be rooting for an endgame where he winds up with Karen, right? And how about that magical train that runs between NYC’s Grand Central Station and Boston!

12 | Was the RuPaul’s Drag Race reunion show a little too staged for your liking?

13 | Which Voice fans out there wanted to swat Adam Levine’s pretty head when he explained he’d tilted his votes 60-40 for Tony Lucca over Katrina Parker in the semifinals, mostly because of his “bromance” with the former Mickey Mouse Clubber?

14 | Wait, NCIS‘ Tony has bikini photos of Ziva? How? From when?

15 | Couldn’t you watch a whole episode of NCIS: LA‘s Deeks trading zingers with Hawaii Five-0‘s Danny? Oh, and just what sort of boudoir “costumes” do you think Kensi was referring to…?

16 | Any theories as to where Quinn has been on Glee? Out-of-state rehab facility? Wheelchair dance camp? And can we all agree that the show’s rendition of Florence + the Machine’s “Shake It Out” far surpassed Smash‘s bat mitzvah version?

17 | To the few who watched (sadly): How about that shocker of an ending on The L.A. Complex?

18 | Anyone else find Jimmy Iovine’s freakout over Jessica Sanchez’s American Idol minidress a little weird when it wasn’t all that much more revealing than those worn by fellow teens Skylar Laine and Hollie Cavanagh?

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19 | Were those white flakes superimposed onto some of this week’s Revenge scenes on par with the Ringer boat ride? Also, if the Graysons were keeping such a close eye on David Clarke in jail, how’d they let all of his notebooks — including the one he was writing in just before his death! — get into Nolan’s hands?

20 | How awesome was the Happy Endings reference on New Girl? And how perfect was the casting of “Asian Jess”?

21 | Can we get, ASAP, a special Modern Family episode featuring Young Phil Dunphy “wind blowing through my perm, blasting some Hall & Oates, maybe horsing around with my Mr. Microphone”?

22 | Wasn’t it all the more delightful seeing Survivor imbecile Kat get her tearful comeuppance at Tribal Council just minutes after boasting to Jeff Probst that “blindsides are always fun and exciting”?

23 | How did you fare on the two polls we ran weeks ago about last night’s Grey’s Anatomy? Also, how is it that Eric Dane, who plays Mark, looks 10 years younger than he did at the start of this season?

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24 | Parks and Recreation‘s Andy re-enacting the pie incident on perpetual loser Jerry’s face was so wrong it was perfectly right, yes? (Jim O’Heir told us they did about 12 takes!)

25 | Big Bang Theory‘s Amy Farrah Fowler as a Star Trek nurse: TV’s best sight gag in recent months? And who was hoping Penny would actually surprise Leonard with a “yes” at the end?

26 | Doesn’t Siri sound like she’s about to smack Zooey Deschanel when she asks if it’s (obviously) raining?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!