Exclusive Chuck DVD Sneak Peek: Whom Does Adam Baldwin Call 'A Little [Bleep]'?

Chuck: The Complete Fifth and Final Season comes out on Blu-ray and DVD this Tuesday, and among the three-plus hours’ worth of extras is a featurette titled “Through the Years,” in which cast and creators reflect on the characters that populated Agent Bartowski’s world, and the actors who played them.

In this sneak peek at the featurette, Chuck co-creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak, plus cast members Adam Baldwin and Joshua Gomez, explain the origin and evolution of Morgan Grimes, who over the years went from bumbling bestie to “The Magnet” to “The Bearded Bandit.”

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Also among the DVD set’s extras are two full-length commentaries, a gag reel, an extended version of the series finale and (Buy) More.

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