New Spoiler Alert!: Silencing Smash’s Ellis, Casting Kalinda’s Wife Hubby and Blind Intel!

Go ahead and turn off your smoke alarms now, because this week’s Spoiler Alert! goes right for the burning questions! Along with Matt Mitovich and Parks and Recreation’s Retta, I tackle such hot topics as:

* When is Smash going to kill off Ellis?

* Who’s going to play Kalinda’s scary-ass husband on The Good Wife? (Paging Jeffrey Dean Morgan… )

* Is P&R’s Leslie going to win the election? And if she doeswin, would that be the “good thing” that Retta says happens in the finale, or the “bad thing”?

* And, perhaps most spoilerifically, when are Castle and Beckett going to hook up, thereby revealing themselves as the couple in that blind item everybody’s talking about? Or is the couple not them?

Click below to find out!

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