SNL Promo: Will Rookie Eli Manning Score a TD?

Two-time Super Bowl-winning New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning will follow in his big brother Peyton’s footsteps and host Saturday Night Live this weekend, with musical guest Rihanna. But in his first time out, is he poised to score a touchdown or fumble?

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In this first promo from NBC, Jason Sudeikis (in a fantastically flimsy facsimile of a Voice chair) tries to draft Eli to his “team,” only to lose out to a better offer. Kenan Thompson costars in the rest of the vignettes, which include a bevy of football puns (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), a brief singing jag and the QB’s attempt to hit Thompson on the numbers.

Watch the clips here, then share your prediction how this Manning will measure up against SNL‘s past athlete hosts.