What to Watch: 5 Web Series Worth Checking Out

All-Star Celebrity Bowling -- Mad Men: Jon Hamm, Vincent Kartheiser, Rich Sommer, Matt WeinerMad Men‘s Jon Hamm demonstrates how “banana peels are hilarious jokes,” Felicia Day (Eureka) participates in a musical tribute to Carrie Fisher, and PBS reveals the inspiration behind the Blue Valentine end credits. Yep, your week just got awesome-er.

All-Star Celebrity Bowling | Be a fly on the kingpin when Chris Hardwick’s Team Nerdist (including musician and talk show host Weird Al Yancovic) competes against Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm, Vincent Kartheiser, Rich Sommer and Matt Weiner for best trash-talker bragging rights and charity. Then, mouse over to the outtakes.

Off Book | The art of TV and film title design is explored in this mini PBS-produced documentary. Our favorite part? The segment on the stunningly beautiful Blue Valentine end credit sequence.

Ncredible Health Hustle | Celebrities aren’t typically up front about health battles or weaknesses. Refreshingly, America’s Got Talenthost Nick Cannon discusses both in his new series. Cannon claims he’s on a mission to “get his sexy back.” We think inspiring others by sharing your struggles is super sexy, so go ahead and cross that goal off the list, Nick.

The Flog | Watch a mesmerizing, Puccini-esque tribute to Carrie Fisher performed by Buffy‘s Tom Lenk and Felicia Day via piano and violin. Then, learn which accessories Day would be packaged with if she were an action figure. Hint: Frosting is involved.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries | Check out a parodied, modern-day retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, webcam style.

What are your faves? Comment away below, and feel free to offer your own recommendations!