New Spoiler Alert!: Terrifying Once Upon a Time First Look, Ugly Revenge Twist and More!

This week, Spoiler Alert! goes bad. Not that it is bad, mind you, it’s just, we traipse over to the dark side to preview the upcoming Revenge episode in which Daniel flies into a violent tizzy, and we also offer a sneak peek at a Once Upon a Time episode that apparently features the Evil Queen doing a full-on Wicked Witch cackle.

First up, Matt Mitovich and I reveal that not only does Revenge‘s Daniel lash out physically after learning it was Mommie Dearest who arranged for him to be pummeled in prison, but the person he hurts is just about the last one you’d expect. Next, we analyze Private Practice‘s ratings performance in its new Tuesday time slot, dish on upcoming Scandal twists and hint at an offbeat Smash triangle. Finally, we spill the beans about the Mad Hatter’s begged-for (okay, demanded) return to OUAT.

Oh, and to top it all off, this edition of Spoiler Alert! Theatre features Smash‘s Jaime Cepero as OUAT‘s Henry and Suburgatory‘s Ana Gastayer doing her best Margaret Hamilton as his momster, the Nasty Mayor/Evil Queen, in a scene from the April 29 episode. Be afraid… be very afraid.