Smallville Season 11 Exclusive First Look: Clark and Lois Discuss Their Super New Life

It’s not easy carrying on a romance when you’re the Man of Steel and your sweetheart is an ambitious news reporter. Yet Clark Kent and Lois Lane seem to be keeping the fire burning just fine based on this sneak peek at the second chapter of Smallville Season 11, DC Comics’ digital continuation of the CW series.

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Summing up DC’s Smallville extension, which debuts a new issue online every Friday, scribe Bryan Q. Miller says, “We catch up with what life has been like with Lois and Clark these last six months” since the events of the TV series finale, “and also see how Clark Kent and Superman each fit into Lex Luthor’s life.”

You also see how Lois fits into a Superman T-shirt and how they fit into each other’s arms after each enduring grueling work days. (Spoiler alert: Lois suffers no head trauma in any of these five panels.)

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Smallville Season 11 made its digital debut on April 13. Chapters will also be aggregated in print comics, with the first issue to be released May 16 — almost a year to the day that TV’s Clark (ostensibly) flew up, up and away. The complete second digital issue will be available today at 2pm EST at Read.DCComics.com.

Click each image below twice for full-size images:

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