Was the Vampire Kiss to Die For? Did Slaughter Slay You? Who Is Parks' Weak Link? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we’re going to lob at you, from shows including The Good Wife, Castle, Ringer, 30 Rock and The Vampire Diaries!

1 | So, Fringe‘s alt universe neither has Batman nor Sherlock Holmes? Tough trade-off for 99-cent gasoline.

2 | Do you think that after the last Mad Men episode, somewhere out there an upstart band named themselves “Pubis Bubble Gum”? And who did Pete take boxing lessons from, the Cowardly Lion? “Put ’em upppp, put ’em upppp….”

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3 | Did The Good Wife‘s final image, of Alicia by gubernatorial candidate Peter’s side, make your eyes well up a bit? And is it odd that no one at Lockhart Gardener has taken notice of Kalinda’s thickening British accent?

4 | How many Firefly nods did you catch on Castle? There was the brown coat trade, the cold open of Castle playing with a dinosaur action figure (a la Wash in the sci-fi series’ pilot)…. And can we slate Slaughter for an annual drop-by?

5 | When did Ranjeet get that mustache on How I Met Your Mother?

| After Gossip Girl’s latest episode, is there anyone left who still likes Serena?

| Smash fans, aren’t Ivy and Karen as frenemies, or even (gasp!) actual friends, far more interesting than Ivy and Karen as rivals?

| ‘Fess up: Who amongst you Googled “real sex dolls” after this week’s House?

| How come The Voice spent so much time having Christina Aguilera explain her instant elimination of Jesse Campbell, but didn’t ask the same of Blake Shelton and his decision to oust Jordis Unga — especially since Jordis was significantly more in tune than Jesse on Monday night?

10 | If you’re Ringer‘s Bridget, wouldn’t you let loose with a string of expletives upon learning that Siobhan was alive this whole time? [Bleep]ing Standards & Practices people. And isn’t it kind of unfortunate that the entire freshman season wasn’t as gripping and fun as its finale?

11 | An entire Glee episode packed with Bee Gees music, and not a single solo for soprano Chris Colfer? What’s up with that?

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12 | Friday Night Lights alum Gaius Charles did a Smash-ing job on NCIS, didn’t he? 

13 | Any other Revenge viewers get a Fringe/Fauxlivia vibe when watching “brunette” Emily own that goon in the alley? And did this piece of dialogue — “You’re just another puppet in the Grayson family play, and it’s time for your exit” — sound all kinds of wrong coming out of milquetoast Charlotte’s mouth?

14 | In an otherwise solid Modern Family episode, didn’t Claire’s “smiling while delivering bad news” facial tic seem entirely forced (and obviously divergent from any established continuity)? And don’t you think Phil would do well in Abed’s Dreamatorium?

15 | Did you notice how neither Jennifer Lopez nor Steven Tyler came to Randy Jackson’s rescue on American Idol when he was hemming and hawing trying to remember that it was Marvin Gaye, not Al Green, who sang “Let’s Get It On”?

16 | Did your TV fog up during Damon and Elena’s steamy Vampire Diaries make-out session? Ours did.

17 | Did it really take Awake eight episodes for Britten to quip, “I slept on it”? Impressive restraint.

18 | Did your heart break along with Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. Webber’s as he discovered that he had lost Adele for good, and on top of that to another man? Meanwhile, how great was it to see Owen rip Teddy a new one for calling on him for a friendly favor?

30 Rock Tina Fey19 | Is 30 Rock having one of it’s most creatively satisfying seasons since the show’s early, Emmy-rich heyday?

20 | Have you noticed that Parks and Recreation‘s weakest subplots almost always have one thing in common: Chris Traeger?

21 | Could it be that this entire, brilliantly wacky season of Community has taken place in the Dreamatorium?

22 | The Office‘s Robert California is always creepy, but he took it to a new level this week while chatting about Andy’s impotence and erections (?!), right? And more importantly, what would Michael Scott have thought about that “meeting”?

23 | Was there a more uncomfortable exchange on TV this week than the ladies of The View discussing 50 Shades of Grey, Girls and rough sex?

24 | Who’s your favorite “secret laboratory”-based pitchman: Nokia’s Chris Parnell or Hulu’s Will Arnett?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!