Community Hot Shots: Law & Order Lives!

Dun-dun! Community‘s hotly-anticipated Law & Order homage is just one week away (airing Thursday, April 26), and we’ve got your first look at the incredibly innovative (and eerily accurate) installment. Plus, find out which mothership vet makes a surprise cameo!

In “Basic Lupine Urology”, the Greendale gang — collectively donning the procedural’s signature trench coats — works tirelessly to investigate the alleged sabotage of their yam-sprouting science experiment. And who better to help solve the crime than Leslie Hendrix, aka longtime Law & Order medical examiner Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers?

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Take a peek at the pics below — including two of Hendrix — and then hit the comments with your snappy judgements on what we promise is a thoroughly enjoyable tribute to the long-running drama franchise.

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