Vampire Diaries Preview: Tyler's Back! But Has Caroline Been Swept Away by Klaus?!

Vampire Diaries Tyler/Caroline/KlausCaroline’s love life is heating up on The Vampire Diaries.

Not only has she attracted the attention of Original vampire Klaus (played by Joseph Morgan), but in this Thursday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c) she also welcomes back Tyler (Michael Trevino) to Mystic Falls. And from what Candice Accola tells TVLine, fans of the latter couple “are going to be very excited by their reunion.”

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However, as much as Caroline’s “elated” to see her old boyfriend again, things might be a little awkward between the two given his long absence and what’s transpired during that time (that is, Klaus’ not-so-little crush). “In a romantic relationship, it takes a minute to get back into that flow, that dance,” Accola explains.

Meanwhile, Tyler’s stepping into a complicated, new dynamic without even knowing it. “He’s not privy to any sort of friendship or emotional connection that Klaus would have towards Caroline,” says Accola. But he’ll quickly take note of the fact that something‘s shifted between his sire and his girl. “It’s an inevitable moment in which Tyler and Klaus and Caroline are all going to be in the same room, so it will come to a head, and we will see the repercussions of Caroline and Klaus spending time together.”

“Spending time together”? Does that mean the blonde vamp is actually giving the baddie hybrid the time of day? “She’s not interested at all,” Accola maintains. “She can completely see that he’s not a good person and that he’s selfish and that he’s done nothing but come in and ruin the lives of the people that she’s loved.”

But isn’t it a TV trope that good girls love the bad guy? “She’s still allowing him to enter her space and her environment, and there are going to be some conflicting moments that [are] brought to Tyler’s attention,” the actress allows. Plus, you know, “He has an accent! Who’s not intrigued when someone has an accent? Come on!”

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Klaus will use the worldliness that comes with his Euro sound to try and sweep Caroline off her feet. Because from where he stands, “She deserves to see more of the world and to witness more of the culture and to make a bigger impact in the world, make bigger waves,” argues the Original’s portrayer, Joseph Morgan. “Tyler is not the man to do that with her.”

But how can Klaus convince Caroline that his feelings are genuine? Step one: “He’s certainly not going to try and compel her or anything like that,” Morgan assures us. “He’s absolutely going to try and woo her.” He’ll even show up at the high school’s Decade Dance… for another twirl around the floor? “Klaus and Caroline could possibly dance…,” Acccola replies very diplomatically.

As for what Tyler’s return means for Klaus’ plan to win over Caroline, “He’s not really taking that threat seriously at the moment,” says Morgan. After all, as his sire, he can just tell the youngster to go away. That is, if Tyler hasn’t figured out a way to break the bond, a mystery that will be answered in this week’s episode. And if Tyler succeeds, Klaus should be looking at his progeny in a new light.

“Tyler can probably be a formidable foe and a worthy adversary,” warns Morgan.