Idology: Did J.Lo Sink Jessica? Who's Our Dream Final 3? Plus: Has Colton KO'd Phillip?

Ryan Seacrest warned on Twitter that last week’s American Idol‘s Top 7 results show would prove “very shocking,” and when pitch-perfect diva Jessica Sanchez wound up singing for her life, that proved to be something of an understatement. But how did the Season 11 front-runner wind up in jeopardy? Did it have something to do with Jennifer Lopez’s tough, somewhat enigmatic critique the night before? Was it all scripted? Or has there been something missing from Jessica’s performances that has kept her from winning the public vote?

Season 6 star Melinda Doolittle and I tackle those questions in this week’s episode of Idology, dive into the subject of whether Colton and Phillip are locks for the finale — or if one of them is eating the other one’s lunch — and finally force ourselves to go out on a limb and name our dream Final 3s. Plus, there’s some Community cameos and an extended metaphor about a trained dolphin and a baby seal! How can you not press play below? And how can you not follow up by hitting the comments with your own thoughts? Spoiler alert: You can’t!

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