Simpsons Exclusive First Look: Bryan Cranston and Homer Do Some James Bonding

Bryan Cranston can’t seem to stop being “drawn” to Fox’s Sunday-night “Animation Domination” lineup.

On the heels of his guest gig on The Cleveland Show (as ventriloquist critic Graham Kensington), the Breaking Bad star is set to appear in the May 6 episode of The Simpsons. This time, he’ll play secret agent Stradivarius Cain, the protagonist of a spy movie at which Homer — who could’ve seen this coming?! — embarrasses Marge.

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Later, the plot twists when a concussion makes Homer think he’s receiving husbanding tips from the action hero. Judging from the picture below, it’s safe to assume that lesson No. 1 may involve making snazzier sartorial choices. Got a better guess? Hit the comments.

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