Revenge First Look: Is Jack a Murder Suspect? Plus: An Update on Fauxmanda's Whereabouts

Poor Jack! First, the Revenge stud was rejected by his lady love Emily. Then he was abandoned by his new gal Amanda. And now — as seen in the following first look clip — he’s the latest suspect in the murder of cuckoo Tyler Barrol.

This Wednesday’s return episode of the addictive drama (10/9c, ABC) finds the Graysons’ fearless spokeswoman, Ashley, IDing the man in a new crime sketch as the Hamptons’ own lovelorn bar manager. But who gave the artist his description in the first place? (Emily’s eyes seem to suggest it was Victoria.)

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The hour also confirms what was alluded to in the last new episode: Em’s mentor Takeda has Amanda, and — as long as the vengeance-seeker stays the course — with him is where she’ll remain.

Take a peek at the sneak peeks below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts on the revengenda!

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