Did Grey's Lock an Emmy Nod? Does Chuck Bass Get a Raw Deal? A Glee Miracle? And More TV Qs!

Fringe Lincolns AltliviaWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we’re going to lob at you, from shows including Fringe, Glee, Gossip GirlNCIS: LA, Psych and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | Does Fringe not receive enough kudos for the top-notch quality and bountiful quantity of its split-screen work featuring actors acting opposite themselves?

2 | Did the “feeding” scene in last week’s Grimm make it the most gruesome episode to date?

| Are any Fairly Legal fans actually warming up to this new guy, Ben? Or are we just distracted by the actor’s struggle to mask his Aussie accent?

4 | Who on Mad Men made you prouder: Peggy, for swindling Roger out of big bucks, or Joan, who finally kicked her jerk of a husband to the curb? But Roger needs to carry around less cash, don’t you think? The guy’s getting bled dry each week!

5 | Is The Client List giving out all the happy endings that Once Upon a Time‘s Evil Queen took away?

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6 | Of all the perfectly valid reasons Donald Trump had to dismiss Lou Ferrigno from Celebrity Apprentice, he fired him because he honestly answered a direct question posed to him in the boardroom? Seriously?

How I Met Your Mother7 | Did How I Met Your Mother‘s flashback to the days of Ted and Robin make you nostalgic for Robin’s old hairstyle?

| Billy Connolly is House’s actual father! Wilson has a son! Why do some of House‘s coolest storylines always turn out to be fake-outs?

9 | We’ve been fans of Thorsten Kaye since his days on One Life to Live, but whodathunk he’d end up a Smash scene stealer? And for all the surreptitious spying Ivy Lynn has been doing, how has she not yet bumped into Ellis hiding behind a potted plant?

10 | Two months — heck, even two weeks — ago, who’d have predicted Christina Aguilera would wind up as The Voice‘s toughest, most insightful coach?

11 | Chuck’s done some terrible things on Gossip Girl, but will Blair ever stop jumping to conclusions and accusing him of things?

12 | Anyone else see the fancy “exposed brick walls” in the RuPaul’s Drag Race work room ripple from the breeze caused by the fan, revealing them to be nothing but cheap paper backdrops?

13 | Glee‘s Quinn crushed her spine, but walked away without any other broken bones or visible scratches? And with Sue taking over Booty Camp and Cooper teaching the kids about acting, has Mr. Schue’s role in New Directions  — and Glee in general — ever been less vital? On the plus side: Can Matt Bomer appear in every episode during White Collar hiatuses? 

14 | How many inches did your jaw drop down when Justified‘s Quarles was (ahem) disarmed?

15 | Dear NCIS: LA bomb makers: You do realize that an old-timey tape recorder’s “record” button stays down on its own, right?

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16 | Seriously, General Hospital‘s Sam?! After you almost lost Jason for lying to him about Robin’s death, you think protecting him from the truth about Franco and your baby’s possible paternity is a good idea?

17 | Can you believe that Barney Miller‘s cuddly Wojciehowicz did what he did in the Psych finale? How can [spoiler] possibly survive that?

18 | Being besties with that B—- in Apartment 23 may be the best thing to happen to the Beek since the Creek, don’t you think?

19 | Did Suburgatory leave any doubt that the show is building to a Tessa-Ryan romance?

20 | On Grey’s Anatomy, did Mark’s temporary promotion come with the magical ability to alternately sprout and lose 1/4 inch of facial hair throughout the entire episode? But on a serious note: Can we go ahead and pencil in Sandra Oh for her sixth Emmy nod?

21 | Although we know Capt. Harper is eeeevil, wasn’t it nice seeing Laura Innes get a warmer moment on Awake?

22 | Does Community‘s Jeff doff his shirt just to make other men feel utterly mediocre? And who else is hoping the NBC comedy follows up on that Troy/Britta stuff in a major way? (What do you think he said in that text message?!)

23 | Does The Office just get more and more uncomfortable with every passing week? And not in the Michael Scott way. For one, Robert California seems to get ickier and sexual harass-ier, right?

24 | After that perfect finale, did Up All Night secure a spot on your Must Be Renewed list? Wasn’t the re-proposal the sweetest thing anyone has ever seen?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!