What to Watch: 5 Web Series Worth Checking Out

Felicia Day serves up some childhood nostalgia, a humble Joel McHale makes hard work look easy, while Adam Scott continues to be adorable in all that he does. Plus, much more webby goodness!

Checked Out | This new quirky series, created by actor David Greenman, stars Zelda Williams (Robin Williams’ daughter) in her comedic debut and NewsRadio‘s Vicki Lewis, among others. It follows the escapades of two independent supermarket employees who will do anything to get out of working. A great show to “watch” while you are “working” in your cube at the office. Just make sure you stifle your laughter so your cover isn’t blown.

A Day in the Life | Digital proof that Community‘s Joel McHale should win awards for hardest-working TV actor and father of the year: He brought his kids to the Community set during filming of last week’s blanket fort episode. Timely bonus: Watch Chevy Chase get his diva on while attempting to make a phone call to Peru.

Red Band Trailer | Parks & Recreation‘s government shill Adam Scott is grilled by Cody about his early work on Boy Meets World and Party of Five. Plus, find out whether he’s Team Jacob or Team Edward. Important stuff, people!

The Flog | Behold a new weekly round-up show of rad things Felicia Day thinks us mortals should know about, like the bizarre One Tiny Hand tumblr blog and the 1990s video game Streets of Rage. Day’s banter with younger brother Ryon while playing this retro game transports us back to our own childhoods. Suddenly, we want to play Frogger on Atari with our sibling.

Celebrity Sleepovers | Apparently unable to commit to a full eight hours, 24‘s Mary Lynn Rajskub offers Mark an afternoon snooze space in her young son’s bedroom. One Thanksgiving-themed bedtime story and a rambunctious child later, Mark is not anywhere closer to a nap than he was when he entered her abode.

What are your faves? Comment away below, and feel free to offer your own recommendations!

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