Fringe Videos: Walter Is Drug 'Tested' En Route to the Other Side and 'Meana' Warns Fauxlivia

This Friday the 13th on Fringe (Fox, 9/8c), Walter prepares to take a walk on the wild(er) side, while the imprisoned Alt Nina aka ‘Meana’ doesn’t take kindly to Fauxlivia’s threats — and in fact lobs out one of her own!

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In this first video clip released for “The Consultant” (meaning our Walter), everybody’s favorite slightly mad scientist preps for his “trip” across the bridge and into the other universe. But first, he must answer some questions — including one about his (ahem) drug use:

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And in this clip, my favorite fierce ginger grills ‘Meana’ about the mole within the Defense Department whose loose lips resulted in, among other things, last week’s shooting of Alt Lincoln Lee. Nina, though, responds only with a most ominous warning:

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