Exclusive Community First Look: Britta Reveals Her (Hilariously) Sordid Past With a [Spoiler]!

In the wise words of Community‘s Annie, “Some things are funny because they make no sense — and that is not one of them” — “that” being Britta’s absurdly funny revelation in the following exclusive first look that she once dated a carny!

As we first reported, recurring Parks and Recreation player Kirk Fox (Pawnee’s “Sewage Joe”) drops by Greendale this Thursday (8/7c, NBC) as a carnival worker with ties to the romantically-impaired Britta. (On an unrelated note, Dean Pelton — as his latest flamboyant attire firmly establishes — is into trains now.)

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Press PLAY below to watch the study groupers react to Britta’s kooky carny confession!

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