Exclusive 30 Rock Video: Tracy's Nightmare Comes True - His Son Is a [Spoiler]!

“Something terrible” is happening this Thursday on 30 Rock (8:30/7:30c, NBC), and it involves Tracy Jordan, George Foreman and that damn Stanford University.

It seems, as a furious Tracy puts it, that Jordan men “go to the school of hard knocks — a one-year vocational program where you learn to bang on doors and scare people into subscribing to magazines that they’ll never get.” In other words, they do not attend the aforementioned prestigious college, to which the TGS star’s son George Foreman has just been accepted.

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Long story short: Cool-guy Tracy’s kiddo is — gasp! — a booksmart nerd.

Watch our exclusive clip below, and then hit comments with your thoughts on Tracy’s outrageous outrage.

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