New Spoiler Alert! Hot Dair Gossip! New Girl Trouble? A Smash-ing Shake-Up! Lost Redux!

Gossip Girl is currently in full-tilt Dair mode, and we here at Spoiler Alert! are celebrating the couple’s newly consummated relationship the only way know how: with a doozy of a scoop!

This week’s installment of TVline’s new web series jumps ahead to May sweeps to tease a surprising new obstacle facing the frenemys-turned-lovers. And for those of you not riding the Dan/Blair ship, we have some non-Dair news about the possible return of a former Upper East Side resident. The twist? He/she is dead!

Wait, there’s more!

Episode 10 of Spoiler Alert! also features fresh intel on how Uma Thurman will be shaking up NBC’s Smash, a weighty dissection of Sunday’s Betty-centric Mad Men, and a closer look at New Girl‘s recent ratings woes.

And last but not least, get ready to relive one of Lost‘s most iconic cliffhangers in another retro edition of “Spoiler Alert Theater.” We have a hunch you’ll want to go back!!! and watch it again multiple times.

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