Castle Exclusive: [Spoiler] Is Back - But Why?

If you’ve been following TVLine’s Ask Ausiello column – and really, why wouldn’t you be? – you’ve gotten clues about the Castle character who will be turning up at season’s end. And thus far you’ve heard that it’s someone with ties to a former regular.

Well, clues shmues — TVLine can now confirm that the person set to resurface in the May 7 season finale is the late Captain Montgomery’s wife, Evelyn (to again be played by Judith Scott).

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What returns the widow to Beckett & Co.’s orbit? Here is what series creator Andrew W. Marlowe revealed about the season-ending encore. “Events force us to wonder whether the case we’re working on might be linked to the Beckett’s mother murder case” – aka the conspiracy-led cover-up that Monty was rather complicit in, and ultimately died for. “We’ll be picking at that scab again.”

Also on tap for Castle‘s Season 4 capper: Battlestar Galactica alum Tahmoh Penikett will begin a multi-episode run as a “cold, calculated” type with a military background. Hmmm… wonder how he is with a rifle?

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