Hot Vampire Diaries Video: Lauren Cohan Is Back!

File this under How the Heck Did We Miss This?: Lauren Cohan is Vampire Diaries-bound once more.

The Walking Dead actress/Supernatural alumna appears briefly in a promo for the CW saga’s next new episode (airing April 19), reprising her role as Rose, the likeable vamp who midway through Season 2 suffered a horrific werewolf-bite death.

In the upcoming installment, titled “Heart of Darkness”, Damon and Elena head to Denver to check on Jeremy — and since they’re already there, why not have baby bro put to good use his “I See Dead Vampires” skills?

Vampire Diaries First Look: Jeremy Returns – and He’s in Trouble (Again!)

Press PLAY below to watch Rose send a message to the star-crossed twosome, and then hit the comments with your thoughts on Cohan’s surprise return!

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