Falling Skies Season 2: Watch the First 3 Minutes (Featuring a New, Trigger-Happy Badass)

Season 2 of Falling Skies doesn’t descend upon us until June 17, but TNT has let loose with a teaser clip revealing the sophomore run’s first three minutes.

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As seen in this video (which premiered last week at the Emerald City Comicon), the new season at first picks up where Season 1 left off — with Tom (played by Noah Wyle) offering himself as sacrifice to Earth’s extraterrestrial abductors. (Blink and you’ll miss “Cinderella”!)  We then leap forward three months, where the rebel faction, led by Captain Weaver (Will Patton) and John Pope (Colin Cunningham), is luring some mechs and skitters into a turkey shoot.

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Yes, you’ll see Sarah Carter’s plucky Margaret firing off a critical kill shot, but you may be surprised to see which of the human(-ish) survivors is now a bit of a trigger-happy E.T.-hater.


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