Is a Good Wife Smackdown Coming? Missing Mad Betty? Castle's Mom Too Catty? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we’re going to lob at you, from shows including Nikita, Mad Men, The Good Wife, Once Upon a Time and Cougar Town!

1 | The best part of last week’s Supernatural: The fantastic Castiel flashback montage or Sam in a white shirt for an entire hour?

2 | What did everyone think of the way Nikita (finally!) solved the Cassandra “problem”? Did she get off way too easy? And will anyone (besides Michael) actually miss little Max?

3 | Could it really be that January Jones’ absence from Mad Men‘s Season 5 premiere made our hearts grow fonder for Betty the Polarizing Ice Queen? And a “bean ballet,” Peggy? Really? We’re with Don on that one.

| Is anyone else praying that the next original Good Wife (airing April 15) picks up exactly where the last one left off, with Alicia about to deliver the smackdown of the century to Jackie? The Kings wouldn’t rob us of that sure-to-be-classic moment, would they? And after seeing Alicia taunt the IRS’ webcam, don’t you wish we got to see her ferocious side just a bit more frequently?

5 | Are the Evil Queen’s form-fitting and -flaunting outfits at times threatening to nudge Once Upon a Time up to a TV-MA rating? Oh, and what happened to these August/”Mad Hatter” scenes?!

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6 | How excited are you that we won’t have to see Xtina’s bedazzled vegetable steamer or Adam’s grandpa sweater after four loooong weeks of Battle Rounds on The Voice?

7 | Castle’s mother was a bit harsh, wasn’t she, suggesting that he up and bail on Beckett?

8 | Whodathunk when Alcatraz first premiered that this twisty, supernatural-y drama would turn out to be a love story between Sam Neill and Parminder Nagra?

9 | As you watch Neal McDonough play such a depraved Justified cretin, do you ever think, “This is the actor whose religious principles prevented him from doing love scenes on ABC’s Scoundrels“?

10 | Does anyone understand what Fashion Star winners receive at the end of each episode? Does that money go into production, straight to them…? Why is this competition so complicated?

11 | Can we rally to get New Girl‘s Winston on Smash? He could spice up the revamped Marilyn: The Musical with his Wicked singing skills. And show of hands: Who thinks Dermot Mulroney can charm the fancypants off of anyone?

12 | What is ABC trying to accomplish with Cougar Town‘s erratic scheduling? Benching the long-benched sitcom for a recap of Dancing With the Stars‘ historical first two weeks?

13 | Has Revenge being off the air (until April 18, ugh!) made you appreciate how Victoria Grayson is more evil a queen than the actual Evil Queen on Once Upon a Time?

14 | Did One Tree Hill’s Julian really just up and write a script based on An Unkindness of Ravens, without Lucas, and add in his own namesake character? Seriously?! And at what point did the normally music-filled series inherit 7th Heaven‘s uber-cheesy musical score?

Happy Endings15 | Did American Idol single-handedly render the standing ovation meaningless after the judges rose to their feet for five out of nine performances this week?

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16 | Did America’s Next Top Model eliminate Ashley just so they wouldn’t have to decipher what she was saying — Happy? Hippy? — anymore?

17 | Did anyone else have Chuck flashbacks when Happy Endings gave blonde Alex a slo-mo, flowing-hair entrance?

18 | Was Tarzan’s underwear-gate — “This is not poop, OK? It’s dirt!” and “Trust me, I know all about microbiology?” — the grossest thing that’s ever happened on Survivor?

19 | Are you Team Blanket or Team Pillow in Community‘s battle of the forts? Also, John Goodman’s Vice Dean Laybourne rocking a mean French braid: yay or nay? (Oddly enough, we loved it!)

20 | On The Vampire Diaries, was Klaus’ cell phone some of the most awkward product placement ever? (And on Vampire Diaries alone, that’s saying — Bing! — a lot.)

21 | The new 30 Rock page, Hazel: She’s totally not working, right? Meanwhile, who out there utterly lizzed when Liz plugged “Smash, Mondays at 10!” during Jack’s meditation sequence?

22 | One of our readers raised a good Q: If Awake‘s Detective Britten gets up in the middle of the night to pee, could that wind up being the difference between catching a killer and not? Could lives in one reality be lost just because he had a tall glass of cranberry juice before bed?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!