Game of Thrones: Season 1's Most Jaw-Dropping Moments -- From Direwolves to Dragons!

5. Ned is beheaded in front of his daughters

Truly one of the show’s most shocking moments, the HBO series proved it had cojones when it killed off one of its main characters — and only recognizable name actors — with a quick and horrific severing of his head. Once again, that weasel Joffrey was to blame.

4. Bronn’s opponent plummets to his death

While fighting in Tyrion’s place — for a fair match and all — Bronn pierced his adversary into a bloody mess and then, just for good measure, sent him tumbling far, far down below.

3. Robb tricks Tywin Lannister in order to capture Jaime

Ned Stark’s son proved he was more than just a pretty face when he outwitted the eldest Lannister and his troops, using an attack as a decoy to take Jaime prisoner.

2. Sansa finally stands up to Joffrey

In a long overdue moment, Sansa finally struck back (verbally, anyway) when Joffrey took her to see her father’s head mounted on a stake. After the new King exclaimed that he would give her Robb’s head as well, she replied with a quiet, but rebellious, “Or maybe he will give me yours.”

1. Daenerys gives “birth” to dragons

Looking back, it seems inevitable now that Season 1 would end with Dany’s evolution into a warrior Queen giving way to the rebirth of dragons. But damned if the moment still isn’t jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring.

Game of Thrones

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