Awake First Look Video: Britten's 'Hunches' Land Him In the FBI's Crosshairs

NBC’s Awake this week addresses the elephant in the room: For how long can Britten successfully work cases based on clues he gleans from his “other” reality before someone takes notice? And we’ve got a first look video at how the LAPD detective’s latest “hunch” lands him on the FBI’s radar.

In this Thursday’s episode (airing at 10/9c), Britten and his “green world” partner, Detective “Bird” Freeman, help a visiting FBI agent (CSI: NY’s Megan Dodds) look into the work of either a believed-dead serial killer or a crafty copycat. But when a clue from the “red” reality — the name of a moving company contacted by his wife Hannah — points Britten at an abandoned warehouse, where he strikes paydirt, both the G-woman and Captain Harper (Laura Innes) have trouble buying into the coincidence of it all.

That in turn will prompt Bird to take a long, hard look at his partner’s unusual behavior. “That relationship, between Britten and Steve Harris’ character, gets extremely testy,” series lead Jason Isaacs told me.

Press PLAY below for a sneak peek, then share your latest thoughts on Awake.

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