Emmys Buzz: American Horror Story to Enter Race for Best Miniseries, Not Drama

FX announced Friday that it will be submitting its freshman hit American Horror Story in the miniseries category at this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards, rather than, as expected, the drama lineup.

The shakeup is being attributed to AHS‘ anthology format (meaning each season features new cast and stories), which has given it “dual status qualification” for Emmy consideration.

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The shift means a perceived increase in the likelihood of the thriller bringing home a trophy, as the competition in the drama category this year is expected to be fiercer than ever, with nods, presumably, going to Mad Men, Homeland, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire and Downton Abbey.

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American Horror Story previously competed for Best Drama Series at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards, but was trumped by the aforementioned Homeland.

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