Spoiler Alert! Bones Birth Video! Suburgatory Twist! Mad Men Scoop! Walking Dead Chatter!

This week’s Spoiler Alert! delivers in more ways than one.

Not only does the jam-packed episode feature major scoop about the Suburgatory finale straight from leading man Jeremy Sisto (who divulges a surprising tidbit about his first encounter with Clueless co-star and upcoming Suburgatory squeeze Alicia Silverstone), but it also boasts an exclusive interview with Mad Men‘s main man Jon Hamm (and a few of his castmates).

Speaking of the Emmy-drenched drama, Matt Mitovich and I offer a snappy judgment or two on Sunday’s two-hour premiere (hint: I wasn’t blown away). And keeping with the AMC theme, we share some final thoughts on last week’s Walking Dead climax (hint: WTF Lori?!).

Lastly, Spoiler Alert! delivers an actual delivery! Yep, we’ve obtained exclusive footage of the big Bones birth a whole two weeks before it actually airs on Fox. The twist? Happy Endings‘ Adam Pally and Community‘s Gillian Jacobs will be playing the roles of Booth and Brennan. I kid you not.

Ready… set… PUSH (play).

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