House Exclusive First Look: What the Heck is Going on in This Photo?!

House returns Monday (Fox, 8/7c) with an episode featuring Friday Night Lights‘ Michael B. Jordan as a blind man suffering from a mysterious illness and the return of Gregory’s mother, Blythe (Diane Baker), who’s facing a medical crisis of her own.

But as the following sneak peek confirms, those aren’t the hour’s only special guests.

House Season 8 Episode 14

That’s right, Fox’s soon-to-depart medical drama gets a visit from the Easter Bunny?! Sort of.

Without giving too much away, TVLine can reveal that the show is not getting an early jump on Easter. Nor is Princeton-Plainsboro throwing a springtime costume ball.

Oh, and we can also confirm that underneath the human-rabbit hybrid getup exists an actual House cast member — but which one? And what in cottontail is going on? Hop to the comments and start speculatin’ (and keep your traps shut, Canadian viewers)!

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