Nikita's Maggie Q Says 'Mikita' Will 'Come to a Place of Understanding,' Promises 'Big' Finale

What happens when Nikita makes a deal with two Division devils? How will she react upon learning Ryan is actually still alive? Can ‘Mikita’ ever find their way back to one another? And how is the cast of the CW spy thriller (airing Fridays at 8/7c) really feeling about a Season 3 pickup?

TVLine spoke with kickass Nikita star Maggie Q about all of this and more — and brace yourselves because some of what she has to say might come as a bit of a shock.

TVLINE | Talk a little about this week’s episode, “Doublecross,” in which Nikita and Co. capture Percy — which should be a good thing, but is tainted by the fact that it’s all due to a deal made with Amanda.
They made a deal with one devil and then they have the other devil, which is something that you wouldn’t expect. You want to keep your enemies close, but not that close. The stakes are really high in this one… [Nikita and the group] are trying to move strategically; they’re trying to make this all work for them and gain what they need, making sure this move isn’t wasted. It’s kind of a big chess game.

TVLINE | I imagine that the gang agrees to go along with the plan once Amanda reveals that Ryan is still in fact alive — which must be a huge shock for Nikita.
Oh, she can hardly [process] it. In the scene [where she finds out], she is standing at the computer and she tells Amanda that’s it’s smart that she got her techs to take some old voice cues and cut them together — and then Ryan (Noah Bean) recalls a specific memory that only they would know. So, there’s a moment of Nikita not being able to lose it because Amanda’s on the phone. She has to keep it together and be this person until Ryan’s back in her arms and she’s giving her friend a big hug. It’s one of those things where you know how much it means to her because you can feel it. And if it all works out and she gets him back, that will be the big payoff. She is just blown away by his resurfacing.

TVLINE | How does Carla factor into all of this? She’s technically still tagging along with Nikita’s group, but fans are aware that she has struck a deal of her own with Percy.
Carla’s in this precarious position because she wants to do the right thing, wants to make Nikita happy, wants to keep her old alliances because she believes they want the same thing she does — but they don’t. It’s completely idealistic, but it comes from a good place. So, Carla has made a deal with Percy, but she is on Nikita’s “side,” absolutely. I just don’t think she realizes what she’s doing and how it will hurt Nikita if it all happens in the way it’s supposed to. The thing about Nikita though is that she’s not dumb. We are going to see something play out this week where Nikita understands Carla so well that she’s not too many steps behind… Nikita will be prepared for a little bit of what’s ahead.

TVLINE | And then next week that not-so-fan favorite Cassandra is back. What are you able to reveal about her return? We’re hearing she’s been harboring a big secret.
[Laughs] It’s something that’s going to piss Michael off pretty badly, and it’s something that I would say cannot be fixed. Cassandra has never been honest about who she is, and that will continue to spill over into that episode. The reveals about her just keep coming. We’re getting to a place that she’s lied about something so big, she needs to look at it and make a real decision about whether this person can stick around or be anywhere near him — really, can she be a part of his life?

TVLINE | And now, the always important ‘Mikita’ question… Everyone seems to have a different take on where exactly Michael and Nikita stand as of now. What’s your opinion? And where are things headed for the two?
As it stands this week, we’re finally, hopefully, going to see a little glimpse into Michael and Nikita possibly understanding each other again. When something’s been fundamentally damaged like ‘I walked away and you stayed in London,’ those decisions are never going to go away for them, but the first step in the journey back to one another is to understand where they are both coming from. What I liked at the end of this episode is that it’s not only Michael who becomes clearer about something; in his journey to clarity, Nikita actually gets to come to terms with something that she has never seen or faced up close. So, it’s kind of two parallel journeys coming to a place of understanding, and hopefully that will be a launching point for closeness in the future.

TVLINE | With Season 2 nearing its conclusion, what is the vibe on set about a possible renewal?
I think that for Nikita to really come to a place where these characters can turn over a new leaf and explore different sides, we would need a Season 3. I don’t think we can wrap up their journeys in just two seasons, but in three and no more, we could. It would be nice to have that to bring it all full circle. But nobody knows until the day before Upfronts if we’re coming back. I don’t see why [The CW] wouldn’t bring it back for a third season, but if they didn’t we are going to go out with a bang.

TVLINE | So, you know what Nikita‘s second season finale entails? Any teases?
The season is going to end in a big way, that I can tell you for sure. It’s going to be well worth it and people are going to really like it… I hope. [Laughs] I don’t think fans are going to expect it either, which is good!

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