Is a Desperate Reunion Needed? Idol's Tightest 10? Sexy New Vampire Vibes? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we’re going to lob at you, from shows including Desperate Housewives, Desperate HousewivesAmerican Idol, Private Practice, Vampire Diaries and Community!

1 | Didn’t it seem a bit insane that Grimm‘s Nick managed to hear his cell phone ring all the way upstairs while he was chasing dragon girl outside? (And not that we’re complaining, but wasn’t he shirtless a lot last week?)

2 | On Portlandia, weren’t Fred and Carrie’s Bert and Ernie-style beds adorable?

3 | In the wake of last week’s tragic death, Desperate Housewives really, really, really has to reunite Tom and Lynette by the May 13 series finale, right?

| It made for a moving Good Wife “moment,” yes, but the people living in Alicia’s old house never painted over her kids’ growth chart scrawled on the wall…?

5 | Isn’t The Walking Dead‘s Carl a pretty good shot for a kid who 1) basically just picked up a gun, 2) fired in near-pitch blackness and 3) had maybe a few inches’ clearance over Dads’ shoulder?

| Jody and Sheila on Shameless: Ick, right?

| Who else was delighted by the revelation that GCB‘s Cricket is fully aware that Blake is gay, and by the unveiling of their double-wide bed?

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8 | We don’t mind Once Upon a Time tweaking the fairy tales some, but Red Riding Hood is also the Big Bad Wolf? Huh?! That said, wasn’t it nice that the obvious suspect — David Anders in a one-scene appearance as Dr. Whale that howled, “It’s me!” — wasn’t the wolf? Also, we can’t decide who has the better BFFship: Snow and Red or Mary Margaret and Emma?

10 Segue alert! Who is hoping that RuPaul’s Drag Race comes down to a duel between the beauty (Willam) and the beast (Latrice Royale)?

11 | With so many terrific singers getting axed in The Voice‘s Battle Rounds, while weaker vocalists skate through due to easy match-ups, should the show rethink the way this stage of the competition is structured for Season 3?

12 | Are Smash viewers supposed to be, like, rooting for the adulterous Julia and Michael? Because we don’t cheer on such things. Speaking of what we dislike, can the producers please write a scene in which Ellis gets mowed down by a runaway cab — and let us see the impact? On a superficial note, let’s talk about Karen’s “Marilyn Monroe” this week: Was the mediocre makeover intentional, seeing how it all went down in Ivy Lynn’s imagination?

13 | Does every episode of Alcatraz have to be so bleak, so dark? Save for Doc’s clumsy flirting with that cute M.E., there’s not a remotely light moment to be found. Solution: Dharma van, hill.

Switched at Birth14 | Anyone else surprised that Switched at Birth‘s private school allows Bay to wear such a short uniform skirt?

15 | Why didn’t Cougar Town‘s Bobby do his Confidence Dance before his date with Angie? That probably would have helped.

16 | How long must it have taken to create Fat Schmidt for that one-minute New Girl scene? And who would like to see more of him? As for the other male roomies, is the show trying to get us to dislike Nick? Because after this week’s episode, we kinda do.

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17 | Are the agents at the center of Bravo’s New York-set Million Dollar Listing the least-interesting reality personalities ever? Surely there are crazier characters to be found in the Big Apple.

18 | Could ABC’s Revenge for Real “news”-magazine series be any more shameless in cheesily co-opting footage, graphics and music cues from the actual Wednesday night sudser? What’s next, Once Upon a Time for Real? (Thank God that Revenge, for real, returns April 18.)

19 | Can we get an entire Happy Endings episode where the gang has switched bodies? Has. To. Happen.

20 | On Suburgatory, was Dallas’ crystalized mold of Joy Behar’s head the most randomly hilarious sight gag of the season?

21 | This week’s One Tree Hill should have come with blood pressure and ulcer medication, yes?

22 | What did you think of The Vampire Diaries‘ crow and voiceovers making a comeback? My, how far we’ve come, right? And were we the only ones feeling some Elena/Matt vibes this week?

23 | “I didn’t cry, Charlotte! I didn’t cry!” OK, but did you, Private Practice fans?

24 | Is this the strongest, most evenly matched Top 10 in American Idol history?

25 | Wasn’t it nice to see Grey’s Anatomy‘s eligible and attractive Jackson get some?

26 | How good did it feel to hear the Community theme song again? And who was the Dianna Agron clone that Abed was doing the Lindbergh Lean with?

27 | Is it safe to conclude that Katrina Bowden was quietly let go from 30 Rock between Seasons 5 and 6?

28 | Who else found it pretty brilliant that in order to incorporate One Life to Live‘s John McBain into the General Hospital landscape, they established a sordid history between Llanview’s finest and Port Charles mob boss Sonny Corinthos? And on a less upbeat note, are we the only ones having a hard time watching all of the hoopla surrounding Robin’s death? It’s just too darn sad.

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!