Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Smash, Castle, Once, Bones, Big Bang Theory, Secret Circle and More

Will Smash‘s star cross paths with He Who Shall Not Be Named? What happens when someone on Castle comes clean? Will Once Upon a Time‘s Rumpel ever find his beauty? Read on for those scoops plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Trouble in Smash Paradise

Smash | I almost hated to run this question by Megan Hilty during a recent 1-on-1, but you must admit, her answer does intrigue: Will Ellis, that stealthy tattletale, ever cross into Ivy’s orbit? “We do end up having a very interesting relationship… and it’s very unexpected,” Hilty revealed. “You won’t see it coming, but when it happens… it’s one of those moments where I audibly gasped when I read it in the script!” What do you speculate, Smash fans – what sort of alliance, if any, might they form?

The Secret Circle | Now that Blackwell is roaming about, an obvious question becomes: Is there a particular person who’s more of a threat to Cassie’s dad than others? Acknowledging that “Ethan’s revealed secrets will put him and Blackwell at specific odds,” EP Andrew Miller says that it’s actually Charles, who is about to be shut out by Dawn, who “has an axe to grind with Blackwell that’s probably bigger than anybody’s. Those two guys that will really face off in the next few episodes — and it only gets worse as the season progresses.”

Team Castle Talks of the Big Hook-Up, the Father of All Mysteries, Satiny Kisses and Secrets Spilled

Castle | So this is interesting. Stana Katic had some rather specific thoughts on how Rick will react upon learning that Kate heard his “I love you,” when we spoke to her at PaleyFest. “It’s a tough pill to swallow to know that you unveiled your feelings for someone and they haven’t been able to respond to that, so it’ll be tough for a little while,” she shared. “And then it’ll be really, really good!” (Ooh, a second “really,” folks. Italicized, too!) And would Kate theoretically echo Rick’s declaration? “I think she’ll try to be brave and come forward with her feelings … because it’s been a while that they have this kind of like thing,” Katic offered. “She wants to bring a bit of closure to her feelings about him at least.” Yes, closure is good. Really, really good.

Bones | You’ve heard a lot as of late about the Fox vet’s spring premiere, airing Monday, April 2 and featuring the birth of Baby B in the midst of a freakin’ prison riot no less — but you haven’t heard this: In the long-awaited episode, Cam will catch Sweets in a very compromising position – and let’s just say it involves nudity and an odd location.

Bones Exclusive First Look: Booth and Brennan Rocked By Arrival of New ‘Team Member’

Once Upon a Time | For those disappointed that my Paley panel (watch it here!) didn’t conjure up scoop on Belle, whom we know is being held prisoner beneath the Storybrooke hospital, here’s some intel from the red carpet. “I would be disappointed if you reveal her to be in Storybrooke and you don’t show that again,” series creator Eddy Kitsis teased. “But God help whoever put her there.” Robert Carlyle was of the same mind, opining that Rumpelstiltskin and Belle “will meet again. Definitely. But probably not in fairytale land.” And as for Regina’s role in the ruse, “If he ever finds out that [she] hid her away, there’s going to be trouble for sure.”

The Big Bang Theory | Howard and Bernadette must be heading for a wedding, seeing as viewers will soon be meeting young Mr. Wolowitz’s in-laws-to-be. The CBS hitcom has a casting call out now for the roles of Mr. and Mrs. Rostenkowski, a blue-collar ex-cop and a sweet-but-formidable retired schoolteacher. Now put on your armchair casting hats, picture Bernadette/Melissa Rauch, and suggest some names! (Georgia Engel, alas, skews a bit old for the age range they’re casting, 50s/60s.)

Chuck Lorre on Big Bang‘s Big Get: ‘We’re Very Excited’ to Have Leonard Nimoy Haunt Sheldon

Private Practice | Ilaria tweeted at me, “Any Addison and Jake scoop?” I brought your to-the-point inquiry to Miss Shonda Rhimes, and all she would let loose with is this: “The Addison, Sam and Jake triangle is going to remain interesting. There are going to be surprises in store for Addison.” And in case you were wondering if Jake could be a keeper, should PP get renewed for another season, Rhimes assured me that Benjamin Bratt most definitely is on board.

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