The TVLine-Up: 5 Web Series Worth Watching

The Office‘s Mindy Kaling shows up in not one, but two web series this week, NBC has cooked up the perfect animated appetizer for this week’s Community, and PBS enters the fray. Plus, the ragtag gang from Happy Endings shows up on the Interwebs.

Abed’s Master Key | The writing is tight, the story is fun (Dean Pelton entrusts Abed with the Greendale master key), and every cast member has a role. The only problem? It’s about six episodes too short.

Red Band Trailer | Kaling admits a fondness for Rob Lowe’s memoir and reveals what it was like to play Ben Affleck in the Off-Broadway play she co-wrote before she rose to fame on The Office. Watch this interview, then get thee to YouTube to see clips from the hilarious play.

Happy Endings: Happy Rides | Who wants to hear Max and Dave argue about Waterworld? We do! We do! Delivered in two minute sprints, these episodes have the same snappy writing and impeccable delivery as the “brill” ABC comedy.

A Day in the Life | The second season of Morgan Spurlock’s docu-web series bows with an episode featuring comedian Marc Maron who has found fame via his WTF podcast. Joel McHale and self-help sage Tim Ferriss are among the personalities who will also be featured this season.

Off Book | Another docu-series, this one brought to you by PBS, promises to explore “new and under-exposed art forms.” Cue the episode about a resurgence in popularity of animated GIFs. Who knew there were artists out there doing innovative things with GIFs?! Prepare to be dazzled.

Which of the above shows is a must-see for you? Comment away below, and feel free to offer your own recommendations!

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