Community Returns With Blanket Fort Battles, French Stewart and the Highest Stakes Ever!

Chang to the world, NBC’s Community finally resumes its interrupted third season tonight at 8/7c! And while TVLine certainly hasn’t skimped on the scoop during the quirky comedy’s hiatus, we have a few more spoilerly snippets to share before Greendale re-opens its doors.

FORT GREENDALE | Troy and Abed in a bat-tle! As we first reported, a second blanket fort episode is on the way, and this one finds Community‘s most beloved twosome at odds. “We have a little riff between Troy and Abed — which is eventually resolved,” Danny Pudi tells TVLine. “We have a battle [over a new fort] and people have to take sides. It is a war, and Abed ends up being a guy who has to take a stand — the fort has to be either pillows or blankets.” And if you’re upset about the fight between T & B, blame Dean Pelton. “It’s classic Greendale in that a bad idea was presented from the Dean’s mouth,” Jim Rash reveals. “It’s always his fault!”

FIRST IMPRESSIONS | French Stewart is Greendale-bound, and with him comes some crazy costumes. “We have a whole impressionist episode and the outfit I wear in it is what I wore the day my mom came to set,” Pudi says with a laugh. “I didn’t tell her ahead of time what I would be wearing that day… So, picture me facing her in that when you watch the episode, and you’ll realize how embarrassed and full of shame I am.” Add to that the fact that Alison Brie calls Abed’s costume “amazing,” and we’re in!

OCEAN’S SEVEN | The upcoming heist-themed episode — about which we’ve been sworn to secrecy — is a huge one for the Greendale gang. Teases Gillian Jacobs: “Unlike the Christmas episode, where the joke was that there were very low stakes, there are actually high stakes here — even higher than in paintball. There are real things at stake here, so that’s kind of a new thing for us.” In fact, Brie tells us that this installment contains “the biggest things that have ever happened to the group.”

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