Smash Recap: Bad Medicine

Much like Ivy Lynn halucinating in her bedroom on this week’s episode of Smash, I’m wondering if some of this week’s storylines might’ve been figments of my imagination. Mind you, I’m not “hypersensitive to drugs” — how Christian Borle delivered that groaner with a straight face is beyond comprehension — but I need confirmation that the following plot developments didn’t just materialize out of the ether, like Katharine McPhee in wonky Marilyn Monroe drag:

* Julia and Michael consummating their rekindled affair | So dude threatens to blow up at Julia during rehearsals and expose their kiss, calls her and courts her while his wife is putting their wee one to bed, and generally refuses to abide by the “no means no” moral code. And what does Julia do? She responds by eventually taking a late-night walk to the studio (in her pajama top!) and doing the nasty (and I do mean nasty) with Michael on the rehearsal-room couch! I don’t buy it, and I’m glad Tom reminded his BFF she needs to think about her husband and her son (even if her son speaks every line in the same blank monotone).

* Eileen fraternizing with…Ellis? | Wait, my favorite character on the show is suddenly hitting dive bars with the sniveling, stalker-ish assistant in the bright orange pants and perpetual sycophant smile? I find this story as hard to swallow as a glass of curdled milk!

* Karen acting like she came from the back of a turnip truck rather than the state of Iowa | Come on. The chick has been in NY long enough to have moved in with her hunky boyfriend. And we’re supposed to believe she’s still such a rube that she wouldn’t recognize the name of a major record producer or know how to put her script pages in order or be shocked-to-the-point-of-gasping over a credit card bill that’s less than $500? Um, unless she has a trust fund we don’t now about, that is.

* Also, it’s time for the chorus guy/friend of Ivy who’s got his eye on Tom to have a personality trait other than “watches sports” | I feel like the show’s writers think that they’re somehow being revolutionary by introducing us to a hockey-watching homosexual, but they need to realize it’s 2012, not 1992. That said, I did like Tom and Ivy’s conspiratorial horror over the fact that his current beau fancies an “upscale minimalist” look for his apartment.

Oh, and in case you missed this week’s show, the crux of the action was that Ivy Lynn’s voice began to give out — a week before a workshop for investors — and she wound up taking prednisone to sooth her vocal cords, but suffered paranoia and mood swings as side effects. When she blew up at Derek over his critique of her lovely performance of “History Is Made at Night” — that one’s got quite  hook, no? — it may have put the idea in the director’s brain to use his Plan B (aka “the Cartwright girl”) for Marilyn. Time will tell. You know the dude is going to retaliate for being called a “narcissistic prick” in front of the entire cast. Also, Ivy sang Jessie J’s “Who You Are” (gawwwwgeous), Karen performed Florence + the Machine’s “Shake It Out” at a Bar Mitzvah (kind of a loosey goosey voice for a more technical singer), and Eileen caught the eye of a hunky bartender.

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