Mad Men Exclusive: Jon Hamm Named Producer

Jon Hamm Mad MenSpoiler Alert: When Mad Men‘s fifth season finally premieres on March 25, one of the episode’s big surprises will be revealed during the show’s closing credits.

The eagle-eyed among you will notice that there’s a new name listed among the producers: that of Jon Hamm.

Sources confirm that the new three-year deal that the actor inked last summer not only afforded him a whopping eight-figure paycheck and a chance to direct an episode, it also scored him a coveted producer title as well.

While it’s hardly uncommon for an actor to be made a producer — particularly an actor who’s as pivotal to a series as Hamm is to Mad Men — it is the first time that the AMC hit has doled out such a perk.

The big question: Does the new credit mean Hamm can enter Mad Men‘s Fort Knox-esque writers room without a blindfold?!

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