Fringe Hot Video: Love Hurts for Olivia and Peter; Plus: A Hidden Clue?!

Fringe returns March 23 (Fox, 9/8c) with “A Short Story About Love,” and if the newest trailer is any indication, both Olivia and Peter’s hearts will be aching.

After losing Peter in the last episode to his Olivia, New Timeline Olivia — the version we’ve been following all season — begs Walter to “reverse” her memory loss.

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“If Peter was going to be with me, then I didn’t think about the consequences,” she admits to Walter. “I just didn’t care.” But with him searching for a way back home — and quite unsuccessfully from the sounds of his desperate plea to an unseen source — N.T. Olivia is now ready to face the music. “I want to go back to who I was,” she says. “I don’t want to feel like this anymore.”

But the biggest clue about what’s to come may be in the backwards piece of dialogue that plays over the end. (Anybody got one of those programs that reverses audio?)

Check out the video below and then help us decode the secret phrase in the comments!

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