Exclusive Awake Video: Will Britten Lose His [Spoiler] in Both Realities?

Michael Britten’s two “worlds” collide in a harrowing way this week on NBC’s Awake (Thursdays, 10/9c), when a self-proclaimed “innocent” man he helped put behind bars escapes from a prison escort and proceeds to kidnap the LAPD detective’s son Rex — and TVLine has a first look clip from the nail-biting hour.

As seen here, Britten gets an update from Rex’s tennis coach, Tara (Michaela McManus), who was targeted by the fugitive in a carjacking as she drove Rex home one afternoon. But then a new lead reveals that Rex’s abductor, named Cooper, may be closer than Britten thinks.

All told, it’s a quite thrilling episode — one of the best of four I’ve screened thus far — as Britten goes to extreme lengths to “switch” realities so that he might secure a clue from the “red” world about his son’s whereabouts.

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