Is One Tree Hill Too Dark? Was Aria Pretty Naive? Who's Been Dead Silent? And More TV Questions!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we are going to throw at you, from shows including The Good Wife, Justified, New Girl, One Tree Hill and Awake!

1 | Are we the only ones a bit confused about those Grimm coins? And with that said, when is Nick going to put a ring on it?

2 | Is there any greater pleasure than watching Mamie Gummer’s Good Wife litigator get positively owned in the courtroom, as she was by plucky Caitlin? (But for a show that’s so sharply written, didn’t Will’s sisters seem kind of caricaturish?)

3 | Who else got goosebumps when Once Upon a Time‘s dwarfs began whistling “Hi-Ho”? And just how much were Mary Margaret and Leroy charging for those candles that they cleared $5,000 in one night?

| Who jumped out of their seat highest when Army Wives‘ Denise got blown across that hospital room?

5 | The Walking Dead‘s group meeting over the fate of their prisoner went on for how long? And T-Dog didn’t get to utter a single thought? (Come to think of it, when did that character last speak?)

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6 | On Shameless, how hilarious was Frank’s far-away crush on Steve? And who had Parenthood flashbacks during Lip and Karen’s adoption interviews?

7 | What number do you think House of Lies‘ Jeannie will be on the Sloth Crying Scale when she inevitably breaks off her engagement?

8 | Is it wrong that we still kind of love Smash‘s Derek, even though he’s a bit of a jerk? (We blame our residual Coupling adoration.)

9 | Was anyone actually surprised that Lying Game‘s Rebecca did in fact end up being Emma and Sutton’s birth mother? And to that point, was it all that shocking that Sutton — who became increasingly evil throughout the season — was (seemingly) in cahoots with Mama Bear the entire time?

10 | What in the world was Pretty Little Liars‘ Aria thinking getting into a plane with a random stranger? Then again, it’s not like anything bad has ever happened to her or her friends. Oh wait.

11 | Didn’t that Justified homicide cop express what so many of us thought — that Raylan’s “The next [bullet] will be comin’ faster” line was perhaps the coolest saying ever?

12 | Is anyone actually buying Ringer‘s prim-and-proper and seemingly perfect Andrew as a money-grubbing maybe-murderer?!

13 | Which Breaking In reference did you enjoy more: Heathers, the nod to the show’s cancellation (“Glad to see you changed your mind and gave us a second chance”), The Breakfast Club or Duke Nuke ‘Em?

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14 | Which sitcom scheme entertained you more: Nick’s ridiculous list of excuses to get out of everything on New Girl, or Happy Endings‘ “Kerkovich Way”?

15 | Has Switched at Birth knocked Emmett down a few pegs in your eyes?

16 | Are you confused — or captivated — by One Tree Hill‘s transformation into a dark thriller in its final season? Seriously, was there a more disturbing TV moment this week than seeing Xavier holding Brooke and Julian’s baby while they were fast asleep in the other room?

17 | Do you think Jennifer Lopez’s exclamation about rooting for a two-girl finale was completely spontaneous, or the producers’ first step toward pushing to show that American Idol is still capable of producing a female winner?

18 | Did Awake play the “mysterious mythology” card a bit too soon? Or were you expecting that park bench convo to be even more far-out and touch directly on Britten’s split reality conundrum?

19 | Is Chlöe Grace Moretz’s 30 Rock hellion shaping up to be a more entertaining nemesis for Jack than even Will Arnett’s Devin Banks?

20 | A clean-shaven, baby-faced Chris Pratt is just odd — right, Parks and Recreation fans?

21 | Can the Project Runway designers play in Nanette Lepore’s fabric floor for every challenge? Those prints and colors were delightful!

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!