General Hospital Exclusive First Look: Noah Returns to Comfort a Shell-Shocked Patrick

It’s all hands on deck as General Hospital plays out the storyline of Robin’s tragic death — and TVLine has an exclusive first look at the latest vet of the ABC soap to join in the mourning.

Prior to Robin’s death in a hospital explosion, Finola Hughes has reprised her role of the young doc’s mother, Anna Devane. And then after Robin perished, Tristan Rogers resurfaced as Robert Scorpio, the plucky lass’ father.

Up next, during the week of March 19, is GH vet Rick Springfield, who created the role of Noah Drake in 1981 and last played the doc in summer 2008. He’ll be back for multiple episodes, arriving at son Patrick’s side during this time of obvious need.

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GH fans, what do you think of this sorrowful storyline? Whose performances have moved you most?